TSM Migration

The challenge:

  • With TSM Version 6 and 7, a really large update with numerous new functions has arrived for the first time in ages.
  • Unfortunately, the new version cannot simply be installed via a TSM 5.5 installation. The classic update does not work! It is necessary to migrate the TSM server via a defined interface.
  • Many new and altered commands, interfaces and programs must be understood and integrated.
  • How do old TSM clients or storage agents adapt to the TSM 6 or 7 environment? Which components must be modernized via update?
  • This update means that some adjustments to the operating system and the saving hierarchy used (device driver and firmware) are necessary.
  • Do you have a pending server hardware update? Then this should be immediately combined with the TSM update.


  • Extensive update preparation through analysis of the environment. Creation of a finely tuned concept for migration of the TSM environment.
  • Identification of optimization potential
  • Combination of the necessary software for updating all components and software in the event of a fallback.
  • Presentation of the new version and advantages.
  • TSM Version 6 or 7 consumes a lot of resources. We offer detailed planning for TSM hardware and future investments.
  • Presentation and documentation of the results.

Extent of service:

  • Analysis of the TSM environment (software versions, device driver, operating system and devices in the saving hierarchy)
  • Finely tuned concept as a migration plan for the actual update.
  • DVD and description of the necessary software
  • Creation of new options files for TSM clients and servers
  • Essential updates for all components (other than storage agents) as detailed plan
  • Briefing for TSM employees
  • Documentation of changes
  • TSM upgrade possible on AIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows. Please ask for HP-UX, zOS server clients and storage agents.