TSM Security Check

The challenge:

  • Tivoli Support has warned of a lack of security in TSM software on numerous occasions. TSM on Linux/Unix is also affected (this time it is not “just” a Windows problem).
  • TLS 1.2 is entering all TSM areas and you need to integrate this security standard?
  • TSM clients with web access and http interfaces using TSM present huge potential for external attack. Hardly any installations use the options integrated into TSM.
  • How is a TSM password generated? Where is it saved? Who has access to TSM passwords?
  • Do you want to use client encryption or hardware encryption?

Advantages for you:

  • Extensive security check preparation using environmental analysis.
  • Systematic testing of the environment for gaps in security (adjustments in OS, TSM etc.).
  • During the security check you will gain an insight into the configuration of TSM security features.
  • You can be certain that the check will be conducted competently and promptly – without disrupting TSM operation, of course.
  • Afterwards you can immediately continue to work with the new TSM environment.
  • Peculiarities of TSM Version 7 and 8 will be comprehensively introduced, adapted and documented.
  • All employees are IBM and Tivoli certified.

Extent of service:

  • Analysis of the TSM environment in the areas of client, server, TDP, web access, IP and OS adjustments.
  • Installation of client encryption, TLS 1.2 protocol (all upon request and/or as test installation).
  • Creation of new options files for TSM clients and servers
  • Essential updates for all components
  • Briefing for TSM employees
  • Creation of up-to-date “security audit documentation” according to ISO 27001.
  • Our TSM security check is TSM Version 8-ready